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Let me introduce you the newly founded community by my friends in university called Satu Arah, which is if translated into English it’ll become One Direction, but I promise you they don’t have any relations to the boy band.

As written on the official Facebook page, Satu Arah is 

a community for generating young leaders to make social change maker. Held and supported by former and present young leaders in Telkom University

Satu Arah will facilitate you to have a leadership spirit and ability with holding a project within months and keeping you in contact with the alumnus and several social leaders.

Follow their Twitter for more information : @1arah

Never get too attached to anyone because attachments leads to expectations and expectations leads to disappointments.


No. Expectation makes you feel good, actually. Because you have no idea of what’s going to happen, you can only hope it’s something good and you prepare for the worst.
It’s being demanding that leads to dissapointment, because you were really sure something good is going to happen and you demand it to happen the way you want it to be.


So another 6th of April will end in one hour as I’m writing this post but nothing feel special. I wonder if it’s because the number is quite big now, 22, only minus 3 from 25, quarter of a century.

I see the moment like today not as something that should be celebrated, instead as something that should be aware of.

There’s nothing special though. Mom brought me to shop with her then having pizzas instead of Harvest she has promised me. Sister is not here, as well as my dad. He even barely remembered, which can be understood. Few friends remembered by their selves and it touched me. Even one of them promised to give me a present when he has earned money by himself, I should write this here so I won’t forget to ask him later lol.

That’s it.

Time goes on and tomorrow I have to meet my lectures again regarding my final project.


Music speaks and so does this song.

Meanwhile other songs usually talks about how sad having long-distance relationship, this song takes its positive side that distance makes the love stronger.

12 Penguasa Media di Indonesia:

1. MNC (Hari Tanoe)
2. Jawa Pos Group (Dahlan Iskan)
3. Kompas Gramedia (Jacob Oetama)
4. Mahaka Media Group (Eric Thohir)
5. Elang Mahkota Teknologi (Sariatmadja Family)
6. CT Corp (Chairul Tanjung)
7. Visi Media Asia (Bakrie & Brothers)
8. Media Group (Surya Paloh)
9. MRA Media (Adiguna Soetowo)
10. Femina Group (Pia Alisjahbana)
11. Tempo Inti Media (Yayasan Tempo)
12. Berisatu Media Holding (Lippo Group)

Saya lupa pernah baca dimana, namun pada bacaan itu tertulis; Jika sebuah negara ingin mempunyai iklim politik yang baik, para pelaku/pemegang pengaruh media massa dilarang ikut serta dalam dunia politik karena media massa harus netral.

Sekarang silahkan tarik kesimpulannya sendiri

(Source: rifkihidayat, via sidik)


Have you wondered how will you vote for Jurina in Sousenkyo this year? If you’re afraid you don’t have enough money or you may get your CDs late or you may just feel so lazy to have a lot of CDs in your hands, let us help you!

Check for the details and don’t forget to spread the news!

Let’s make Jurina climb to the top together :D

Our first major worldwide project and it makes me excited!